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Why Coaching?

Growing a business in the current environment is a huge challenge.  With competition intense, and high expectations for financial returns at minimal risks, the need for on-target communication, and the pace and hours involved are unprecedented.


To perform effectively at work, but take good care of yourself (your own health and well-being), and also enjoy your relationships and quality of life … requires perspective. This is where hiring a coach is both leveraged and often necessary. Personal sustainability, in the pursuit of social and environmental sustainability, is not optional.  It’s like the oxygen mask on an airplane in an emergency — yours comes first, or you won’t be of any use to anyone else. If you forsake any one of the three “marriages” in life (to paraphrase author/poet David Whyte) — to a significant other person, to your work, or to yourself — you will impoverish the other two.

Who does Daniel coach?

My coaching clients are primarily entrepreneurs and market-facing executives. Many are “social entrepreneurs” who have compelling missions that make the idea of “life balance” utterly boring and illusive. That said, coaching conversations usually focus on core human nature ‘stuff’ — the tendencies we all have to focus on problems and ignore strengths.  The challenge of living up to one’s own standards.  The quest for tranquility, relaxation and enjoyment (giving over to having fun) within the “big game” of ambitious projects and goals worth achieving.

Daniel has successfully coached people in nearly all industries, vocations, and cultures. He mixes pure coaching (facilitation and structure, commitments and accountabilities) with domain expertise, also known as “strategic advice,” when requested.  Coaching style can range from insightful and compassionate to the “tough stuff” of honoring agreements, dealing with problematic team members, or rapidly raising capital for a new venture.


Are you ready and willing to rise to an entirely new level of play? Maybe it is higher achievements or results, or maybe it all just “flows with less stress or effort.” Either way, if you have a big goal, a great coach will get you there much faster and easier, with fewer risks and pitfalls, than would be possible on your own. Clients typically work on 1-4 projects and rapidly develop their capacities, awareness and skills. Together we uncover perceived limitations, stressors/challenges, and expand on inborn and developed strengths, and have a great time getting results through this process.

Coaching & Consulting Specialties

  • Startups — strategic advisory on “lean” and related patterns of winning in the marketplace.  Whether a “solopreneur” or team leader, save yourself all kinds of time and trouble and hire an experienced, proven coach that’s “been there, done that”!
  • Extend your time ‘in the zone’ — the right amount of pressure to produce optimal results, how to navigate or pathfind through times of stress, change, transition; how to maintain dynamic equilibrium (AKA “a sustainable rhythm”).
  • Accelerate your team’s performance; coaching others; offering diplomatic but clear feedback, recognition, and accountability
  • Savor and enjoy life (or specific priorities) while scaling business results
  • Presentation and speaking skills, whether giving a speech to colleagues, or pitching a business opportunity, gain a deeper appreciation of how audiences see you, relate to your unique brand and persona with groups.
  • Coaching for impact capital fundraising or business development.
  • Helping overcome obstacles, adjust strategies, and persist and succeed at important goals.

What goals have been elusive for you? World-class performers have powerful support. Give yourself the ultimate gift. Daniel’s clients are all entrepreneurs at heart who lead and persuade others to join them.  Daniel has coached visionary trailblazer who pioneer bold, new initiatives, products or services; they often build new models; raise money; capture market share; enliven partnerships and teams; deal with interpersonal, team or relationship challenges; they succeed on their own terms.

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