Current Projects

As of January 2016:

Three real estate-related transactions all with sustainability at their core, hosting series of Impact Innovation Investor Forum events focused on AgTech & CleanTech, plus four concurrent clients referenced on portfolio.

Serving as Chief Business Development Officer for Carbon Drawdown Solutions, Inc. (, based in Hawaii.

Past Projects:

  1. Cote d’Ivoire (W. Africa) sustainable agroforestry business and outgrower scheme, started in late April 2014. In3 produced the financial model, business planning, business development and developed investment presentation.  Regrouped around more than just corn crops.
  2. Worked with a JV partnership in S. Turkey to expand the textiles supply chain to include recycled PET (plastic bottles) and other raw materials, for fiber, yarn, technical textiles and job creation.  Since February 2014, business development and created investment presentation package.
  3. Coaching numerous new clients (entrepreneurs) to advance their business interests, from natural products to aquaponics to renewable energy to agriculture supply chain and agroforestry.
  4. Retained by Fine Dried Foods Int’l Inc (FDFI) to originate an expansion loan for their operations in Mexico.  Loan papers signed and loan funded by InterAmerican Investment Corp (of IDB Group) in 2014.
  5. Business development consulting and fundraising for Nuubia Chocolat, an award-winning, gourmet chocolate company based in the SF Bay Area, CA, passionately committed to sourcing and using wildlife-friendly cacao.
  6. Joined the Board of Iye Care International, focused on preventable eye disease in developing economies and emerging markets.
  7. Consulting to an affordable/green and emergency housing venture using bamboo base materials; Series A round.
  8. Completed loan application and site visits for development finance for a US company to expand operations in Mexico (confidential).
  9. Chaired the finance section and spoke on development finance at Small Hydro Latin America conference held in Panama City, Panama, Dec 5-6, 2012 (more), with several projects now in In3 Finance pre-qualification stage.  Presentation available by request.
  10. Supported Blume Distillation LLC capital campaign via 506 PPM, bridge loan for Soleeva (establishing manufacturing in South Africa), a jatropha 2.0 project in Belize and Haiti, and one other that’s confidential.
  11. Spoke at conference on US/Panama trade and development conference (June 22 San Jose, CA).
  12. Retained for business development and loan origination by a biorenewables company based in India with a joint venture project in Mozambique, Africa.  April 2012 – current.
  13. Attended the 2nd annual Renewable Energy Finance Forum (REFF) for Latin America & Caribbean, sponsored by LAC-CORE. Ties with LAC-CORE board members and speakers at the event. April 24-25, 2012, Maimi, Florida.
  14. Consulting with the Asian Development Bank in Indonesia on energy efficiency project finance, credit and performance guarantees.  Feb 2012 – current.
  15. Retained by Runa LLC (New York; to originate loan for expansion of their Ecuador supply chain, growing and processing Amazonian “guayusa” — a green-tea-like functional food and healthy beverage.
  16. Team member building compassionate care venture for preventable eye disease.
  17. Leading a fund management team for impact investing in Renewable Resources projects, initially in Latin America and the Caribbean
  18. Working with a stealth mode venture in Vietnam for renewable energy-related equipment manufacturing, using waste biomass (sawdust) and generating energy and heat, to sequester carbon and aid farming (via biochar).

See also In3 calendar of events.