About Daniel

Daniel Robin in Santa Cruz, CA

Daniel N. Robin brings more than 25 years experience to his speaking, consulting and teaching work, inspiring and delighting audiences in the US and abroad. His entire career has been about building a sustainable “impact” economy — one that works for people and planet blended with profit. Since 1995, he has specialized in clean and sustainable technology business development and investment readiness, venture fundraising and project finance via In3 Group and the Renewable Energy Investor Forum.
Mr. Robin is adept at innovation and creativity, business development and finance strategy, teaching, planning, writing, facilitation and coaching, sales & marketing, competitive analysis, and risk assessment/de-risking. Daniel’s industry experience is primarily in renewable energy, biomaterials, real estate, natural products/health & wellness, food/nutrition/sustainable agriculture, aquaculture, agroforestry, transportation, and waste conversion.
Through management consulting and training firm Daniel Robin & Associates (abetterworkplace.com), Mr. Robin has been leading change programs, corporate development and leadership development initiatives, and facilitating skill-building workshops since 1985, delivering countless seminars at international conferences and business schools.
Before becoming a certified credit analyst for emerging markets (Moody’s Analytics, 2012), Mr. Robin received certificates in coaching (Coaches Training Institute, San Francisco), NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP Comprehensive, Colorado, 1991), and extensive training in conflict resolution (Dr. Arnold Mindell and The Community Board). Program participants obtain exceptional results because Mr. Robin applies NeuroLinguistics learning strategies, invests in curriculum development and extensive testing, and facilitates for just-in-time learning (tailoring materials to diverse participant experience).
He is the author of more than 200 published articles, an E-book on handling emotions at work, dozens of popular training programs, and his In3 team has successfully raised capital for numerous US ventures and renewables projects operating overseas.